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Class Dismissed

The following is a guest blog post by Jeremy Pape. If you’re interested in contributing to this blog contact us with your ideas and we’ll look them over.


The news of Girl Meets World’s cancellation is bittersweet. On the one hand, the idea we now permanently say goodbye to the Matthews family dynasty is like a warm, familiar, blanket being torn in the washer.

On the other hand, I think many of us have been in various stages of accepting this fate for a while. What once held great promise soon dissolved into unmet potential.

As I have been considering this post for some time, many thoughts have come to mind. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. However, this show never really “met” the demographic where they were at.

Today’s “tween” is, by and large, obsessed with social media. This was a topic sometimes discussed on GMW. When they did this, infrequent as it was, they mostly hit the mark. Yet, at the core of the show’s universe is a sort of 1950s style value system. There are many positives to gain from that mentality. In this regard, see “Girl Meets The Forgotten”, an episode that, while not perfect, certainly embodied the spirit of its predecessor. As time went on, the show got away from expressing these messages.

Everyone may blame Disney for that, and that’s fair to an extent. After all, Disney came to Michael Jacobs, so they rightfully had control of the series. Truthfully it’s a tricky business writing specifically for that tween audience, those who are just finding themselves and refining their worldview. The original series was labeled a “family” show, which meant that while kids and tweens certainly made up a large part of the audience, the intent wasn’t to write for them. This could explain the difference in the shows.

Another point of interest worth examining is who the audience was paying attention to. All of the actors in the show are very talented, and their perspectives diverse. Sabrina is a fabulous singer, and has been promoting her music (and doing a fantastic job of it!). Rowan’s contributions in the world of feminism and culture seem to get more of a mixed reaction. I’m not talking about disagreeing with her stances. That is something that is understandable. What I mean is that on her social media, you’d see people commenting stuff like “stick to acting” or some teenage viewers with no idea what she is trying to talk about. This is a problem. I believe this show didn’t teach enough about racism/bigotry and general prejudice. Numerous pertinent issues were left untouched. Personally, I learned many of those lessons by watching Boy Meets World, so I know the capabilities of the writers. We’ll never know why that avenue was left largely unexplored.

There are many things I will miss about the Meets World universe, but what I think I will miss the most about GMW is the interactions I have had with many of the people reading this. My hope is that the show influenced today’s younger viewers in a positive way. With luck, that influence will spur them to put something creative and kind out into the world.


I Love The Feeny Call (And Meeting The Man Behind It)

The following is a guest blog post by Gemma. If you’re interested in contributing to this blog contact us with your ideas and we’ll look them over.


On March 20th 2016 I had the pleasure of meeting Will Friedle at Toronto ComiCon, and this experience is going to make what I intend to write here infinitely harder, but I need to get it off my chest. Let me first explain why it’ll be so hard.

I woke up that morning, the last day of Toronto ComiCon, cautiously optimistic and nervous. The only experience before this I’ve had meeting a celebrity was in 2013 when I paid a disconcerting amount of money for a meet and greet experience with the Backstreet Boys (who I’ve been a fan of for just as long as I’ve been a fan of Boy Meets World so, let me live). Perfectly cordial bunch of guys, but it was very clear that they were the celebrities and I was the “fan”.

No one Will Friedle meets at a Con is just a “fan”. In my own experience: Will’s demeanour made my nervousness vanish, his immediate recognition of the film reference on my t-shirt almost made me black out and a comment he made about me having a great superhero name made me feel like one (when Batman says you have a great superhero name you DO NOT OBJECT). I don’t think Will would know how to behave like a celebrity if The Kardashians tied him to a chair and brainwashed the conduct into him. There were maybe five people in line in front of me (TIP: Go to these things right when they open, you breeze through lineups and all the food’s just being made so everything smells like pizza) so I could hear interactions Will was having with others and this is a guy who’s never met a stranger. Will’s so nice he could hide in plain sight up here and no one would know he’s not Canadian. (more…)

Premiere Week Survey

Hey Girl Meets World fans! Now that season 2’s premiere week is over we thought it would be fun to do another survey! What was your favorite ep of the week? What did you think of the week overall? That kind of thing. Additionally, we ask a few demographic questions to learn more about you, our loyal audience. Once the results are in we’ll discuss our findings on a special hiatus podcast. To take the quick and super fun survey, CLICK HERE

Girl Meets World Season 1 Award Show

RIDER STRONG, SABRINA CARPENTER, ROWAN BLANCHARD, AUGUST MATURO, BEN SAVAGE, DANIELLE FISHELHey Girl Meets World fans! Now that season 1 is over we thought it would be fun to do a little survey to see what things people liked and disliked about the show thus far. Once the results are in (survey closes May 7th) we’ll discuss our findings on a special hiatus podcast where we’ll announce the results of this highly scientific research. To take the quick and super fun survey, CLICK HERE

Special: Kids Meet The Ghost of Christmas Past

1695_1076812161493_849_nWelcome to a special holiday flashback episode of Kids Get Acquainted to the Internet. This week Dan presents an old podcast that he and Keith made back in 2009. This is a bonus episode of the podcast that doesn’t involve Boy Meets World or Girl Meets World but is rather a celebration of the holiday season. Numerous guests come on the show to discuss Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas traditions. This podcast is embarrassing and silly but also pretty entertaining. Hope you enjoy this look back at your KGAWI hosts. Happy Holidays! PlayPodcast