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Four Storytelling Problems Girl Meets World Needs to Fix in Season 3

The following is a guest blog post by Josh Taylor (of the late The Girl Meets World Podcast). If you’re interested in contributing to this blog contact us with your ideas and we’ll look them over. Take it away Josh!

Two seasons in, and I have a love/hate relationship with Girl Meets World.

I love how funny it is, I love the chemistry of the actors, and I love having the universe of Boy Meets World back on television. Most importantly, almost every episode of Girl Meets World has at least one or two genuinely great moments that keep me hooked.

With that said, I have grown increasingly frustrated with it over the duration of season 2. I keep expecting the show to move past its awkward stage and begin moving into maturity, and while there have been a few glimpses of this growth throughout the season, by and large, Girl Meets World still has the same storytelling problems it had in season 1.

As of the writing of this article, the most recently aired new episode of the show is Season 2, Episode 29 “Girl Meets Bay Window.” I will be referring to this episode specifically throughout this post because it is a prime example of the storytelling issues that make Girl Meets World so hit-or-miss for me. (more…)


Ho Ho, Is That The Stupid Idea Train Coming ‘Round The Bend?

1The following is a guest blog post by Gemma. If you’re interested in contributing to this blog contact us with your ideas and we’ll look them over.

*I apologize if the following contains any misspellings of Mr. Feeny’s name to “Weeny”. Any such occurrences are completely accidental.

If Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World are supposed to be reflections of real life it needs to be acknowledged that in real life people in their 80s are typically at the end of life. George Feeny is at the end of his life. It’s not something to be sad about, death is as much a part of life as first crushes, school or marriage is. Those are all topics both Boy and Girl have covered and in fact the latter has already handled a character’s death with Mrs. Svorski, so I think they can do it again. Stupid idea? Everybody lost their collective heads when they thought Mr. Feeny was a ghost in Girl’s Pilot. Well… (more…)

Guest Blog: I’d like for Girl Meets World to Adopt Tommy Please

Let me take you back to July 10th 2015 at approximately 8:45pm ET during the Girl Meets World episode Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington. Eric Matthews was getting his ass handed to him during a New York senatorial debate (which was moderated by his brother, now I’m Canadian but I’m guessing that’s probably not cool) when this happened:


Yeah that was anticlimactic but you know the story: Tommy, the orphaned boy Eric almost adopted in Boy Meets World rode in on his firetruck and won the debate for Eric (come to think of it Cory being the moderator might’ve been a set up, it appears he knew Tommy was gonna fall out of the sky). Danielle Fishel’s orthodontist then got some free promotion, I cried, you cried, everybody cried.

After I stopped, I realized something: Girl is not without its problems (OK I knew that already) and the addition of the Tommy character could solve many of them. Let’s focus on three shall we? (more…)

There’s Only One Cory and Topanga

The following is a guest blog written by Nan, one of our loyal podcast listeners. As with all our guest blogs, we don’t necessarily agree with all of her points, but we think it’s important to share a variety of perspectives. If you’d like to write a post for the site send us an email at gmwpodcast@gmail.com and we’ll look over what you have. Thanks Nan!


I take some issue with people assuming Riley and Lucas are the next Cory and Topanga. Yes, I believe they may have initially been cast for their roles with this model in mind. Yes, many situations over both series are parallel with both couples (first date for example). However, a casting template and similar scenes do not make them the same couple. The characters are different. Question: in what ways are Riley and Lucas really like Cory and Topanga? Riley met Lucas in 7th grade and knows very little about his life. She is learning who he is, and he is slowly getting character development. Cory and Topanga were established (in the end) as a couple who spent their entire lives together (more like Auggie and Ava, which has been referenced on and off screen), and they know everything about each other. Topanga was in Cory’s life before SHAWN was. The parallel to this on GMW (other than Auggie and Ava) is Riley and Maya, and, to a lesser extent, Farkle with both girls. How is Lucas like Topanga, other than being the “other” person in the relationship? With Riley and Lucas, Riley encompasses the best parts of both of her parents, and Lucas fills a role not present in BMW. To me they are a unique couple showing minimal resemblance to Cory and Topanga, other than situational similarities through plot.  (more…)

He Still Loves You, Donna Karan


The following is a guest blog written by Gemma, (One name. Like Prince… not Madonna… at least that’s what she tells us) one of our loyal podcast listeners. She had some strong, detailed, and intelligent thoughts about Girl Meets World’s handling of Shawn and Angela and we wanted to help foster that kind of critical analysis. While we don’t necessarily agree with all of her points, (we’ll get into this next podcast) we think it’s important to share a variety of perspectives. If you’d like to write a guest blog for the site send us an email at gmwpodcast@gmail.com and we’ll look over what you have. Take it away Gemma.

OK, so the well hyped Girl Meets World episode Girl Meets Hurricane aired on June 19th 2015. In essence it uses Boy Meets World characters to its advantage, but pays little homage to them. Shawn Hunter went from not knowing what he’s supposed to be for Maya Hart to sitting in the “daddy chair.” Cory Matthews was frantically warning Shawn about the arrival of Shawn’s lost love Angela Moore like she was the Bubonic plague, even though Cory made efforts to be friends with her in Boy. The use of both Shawn’s dad Chet Hunter’s ghost and Angela to promote Shawn and Katy Hart’s gender-biased, misogynistic [1], budding relationship was irresponsible and repugnant. It all pushes harder than Maya pushes Josh for something that hasn’t been developed at all. Show, don’t tell.  (more…)