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Guest Blog: I’d like for Girl Meets World to Adopt Tommy Please

Let me take you back to July 10th 2015 at approximately 8:45pm ET during the Girl Meets World episode Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington. Eric Matthews was getting his ass handed to him during a New York senatorial debate (which was moderated by his brother, now I’m Canadian but I’m guessing that’s probably not cool) when this happened:


Yeah that was anticlimactic but you know the story: Tommy, the orphaned boy Eric almost adopted in Boy Meets World rode in on his firetruck and won the debate for Eric (come to think of it Cory being the moderator might’ve been a set up, it appears he knew Tommy was gonna fall out of the sky). Danielle Fishel’s orthodontist then got some free promotion, I cried, you cried, everybody cried.

After I stopped, I realized something: Girl is not without its problems (OK I knew that already) and the addition of the Tommy character could solve many of them. Let’s focus on three shall we? (more…)