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Ho Ho, Is That The Stupid Idea Train Coming ‘Round The Bend?

1The following is a guest blog post by Gemma. If you’re interested in contributing to this blog contact us with your ideas and we’ll look them over.

*I apologize if the following contains any misspellings of Mr. Feeny’s name to “Weeny”. Any such occurrences are completely accidental.

If Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World are supposed to be reflections of real life it needs to be acknowledged that in real life people in their 80s are typically at the end of life. George Feeny is at the end of his life. It’s not something to be sad about, death is as much a part of life as first crushes, school or marriage is. Those are all topics both Boy and Girl have covered and in fact the latter has already handled a character’s death with Mrs. Svorski, so I think they can do it again. Stupid idea? Everybody lost their collective heads when they thought Mr. Feeny was a ghost in Girl’s Pilot. Well… (more…)