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We on the “Kids Get Acquainted With The Internet” Podcast try to have a discourse rather than blind faith fanboy/girling over the show. We want to critique it objectively in a way that allows us to look at it and suggest ways to better it over time. We respect the show enough to put it through this type of scrutiny and we believe the fans deserve the best. We are taking into account the social responsibility of the show in an ever-changing world, formal elements, drama, humor, and overall aesthetic qualities rather than regurgitating nice points to an audience that already agrees with us in order to reaffirm beliefs and validate both them and ourselves as fans. Expressing a formal issue with the craft of writing and producing television is not attacking the actor, nor his fans. It is identifying weaknesses to be improved on within the structure of show. Discussing strengths and weaknesses of the use of a character as it works into the grand scheme of show and its intentions is extremely valid and not at all petty. It is critical analysis. I would also emphasize that critical does not mean negative as some of is more modern connotations would imply. It means taking a stance which involves the removal of dogma and bias and relies on careful observation and working things out logically on a formal level.

We are a podcast. The whole point is to have an intelligent discussion to compare and contrast the two shows in regards to their cultural contexts. It is a discussion; we are three people; we don’t always agree. We all have various backgrounds and significant educations that entitle us to at least some decent amount of validity in approaching these topics. We read tweets and emails from listeners to allow them to weigh in their own opinions and thoughts in regards to what we have said. I would invite you to read the material released on the blog and on twitter a little more carefully, perhaps a little more critically, and refrain from misconstruing and misrepresenting our feelings. We have made no personal attacks but have received a few. This is unfortunate and heightens the need for discourse like this in such a setting as twitter where reactions, impulses, and impressions are formed quickly and quite often very uncritically.


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  1. Carissa said:

    I’m really confused as to why people are so offended by your opinion. It’s really bugging me that people have twisted your words into something they’re not. You guys obviously love and respect the show. The show is not perfect. It has a lot it can improve on. Despite what some people believe, Boy Meets World was not a perfect show either, Michael has even said so himself. Girl Meets World has received a lot of criticism so far, and a lot people are harsher than you guys, especially on websites like IMDB. So I’m not sure why fans are so offended over something as little as this. I love the show, and I love Auggie. I don’t feel as strongly about his storylines as you do, but I do think it would have been more interesting if they had Auggie stick with the narration/transitions, and have a story about Lucas’ fear in Girl Meets World: Of Terror. Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that you have listeners that respect your views on the show.

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    • We really appreciate your maturity and support. It’s fine if people don’t agree with us but they went about it in an aggressive way. Thank you for your respect


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