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Welcome to episode 15 of Kids Get Acquainted with the Internet, a podcast about the TV shows Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World. In this episode Dan, Keith, and Caitlin have an in-depth discussion of the 15th episode of Girl Meets World entitled “Girl Meets Brother.” We discuss the pros and cons of Girl Meets World and how it compares to the original series. Please send any feedback our way at gmwpodcast@gmail.com or review us on iTunes. The music for this week’s podcast includes a theme from the show and “Brother My Brother” by Blessid Union of Souls. Thanks for listening! PlayPodcast


Comments on: "Ep 15: Girl Meets Brother" (5)

  1. flabergasket said:

    this podcast is the best. keith is my favorite.

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  2. Anthony said:

    I loved this episode, but it really highlights the dichotomy that this show has to deal with.

    With Boy Meets World it didn’t matter how they tackled different sitcom tropes. They did it in their own way and if it repeated another show, no one cared. Such as how Cory dealt with babysitting Morgan.

    Here they have a very similar set up, yet if they did it in a similar manner it would feel like such a retread. We have gotten this several times when dealing with the election, the school strike, and other set ups.

    They overcame those issues in this ep by going straight comedy with just a smidgen of drama involving Auggie. Even though it wasn’t extremely dramatic, it still felt warm and touching. A great episode in balancing BMW expectations but still being it’s own show.

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    • Very good point. Wouldn’t have wanted just a redo of what happened with Morgan. I think I’m just craving a little more drama in general on the show.


      • Anthony said:

        I certainly agree more drama would be nice. It really was what set BMW apart from the pack, and it would be great if this show could do the same for a new generation. Maybe I am being too optimistic in thinking that they really just want to use Season 1 for the set-up, and knock it down during season 2. While nothing has hit me as hard as BMW did, even when the kids were in 7th grade, I have still enjoyed the show at least.

        While not as strong as BMW, Girl Meets World is still offering me enough to love it. Mainly Riley and Maya of course. They are pure gold, even with the small stuff. Her cheerleader, “No,” when she was asked if she made the team was a comedic skill well beyond Rowan’s years I feel.


      • Rowan and Sabrina are really quite awesome. I wouldn’t be that surprised if I ended up liking them more than Ben and Rider by the end of the series. The show has definitely been a lot of fun. I certainly hope you’re right that this season is the set up and season 2 really knocks it out of the park. I just get nervous when I go back and watch s1 of BMW and realize that they tackled really big stuff with these 6th grade kids. I understand this show has very different pressures on it though and that it’ll grow with time.


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