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Welcome to episode 18 of Kids Get Acquainted with the Internet, a podcast about the TV shows Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World. In this episode Dan, Keith, and Caitlin have an in-depth discussion of the 18th episode of Girl Meets World entitled “Girl Meets Master Plan.” We discuss the pros and cons of Girl Meets World and how it compares to the original series. Please send any feedback our way at gmwpodcast@gmail.com or review us on iTunes. The music for this week’s podcast is the theme song from Mission Impossible. Thanks for listening! PlayPodcast


Comments on: "Ep 18: Girl Meets Master Plan" (2)

  1. Anthony said:

    Hi KGAWI!

    Another fun podcast.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts on what was one of my favorite episodes of the show to date.

    Really what made this episode work was how they handled Shawn and Katy. In fact in a lot of ways it makes me think of Corey and Topanga.

    The reason Corey and Topanga are one of my favorite TV couples ever was because she wasn’t introduced to the show as his love interest. She was introduced in what appears to mainly be a foil for Corey. In fact all of the Season 1 relationship stuff was really just a fun way to make Corey awkward, because really that’s when Ben Savage is at his best. The writers then realized they had great chemistry and grew the relationship naturally on screen.

    The same almost goes for Shawn and Katy.The reason it works is because the relationship, right up until the end, is mainly antagonistic. They are mostly nice to each other because they both care for Maya. It was really only the Master Plan and Katy’s friend who made any acknowledgment to a possible romantic future for the two. This allows the writers to work in whatever direction the show naturally goes instead of shoehorning a love story in for Shawn.

    By not forcing the couple to be instantly attracted to each other, they effectively made them more attractive as a couple.

    Thanks again!

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    • Thanks for the comment Anthony! Always nice to hear from you. I totally agree with you that their dynamic was quite smartly written. They didn’t immediately fall for each other and the writers didn’t rush things. Shawn didn’t even ask her out that episode (which could have easily been the case). The slow build is great and I fully expect there to continue to be some antagonism between them given that Shawn isn’t around enough. Thanks again for you thoughts. Glad you enjoyed the episode!


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