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Welcome to episode 19 of Kids Get Acquainted with the Internet, a podcast about the TV shows Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World. In this episode Dan and Caitlin have an in-depth discussion of the 19th episode of Girl Meets World entitled “Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice.” We discuss the pros and cons of Girl Meets World and how it compares to the original series. Please send any feedback our way at gmwpodcast@gmail.com or review us on iTunes. The music for this week’s podcast is one of the themes from the show. Thanks for listening! PlayPodcast


Comments on: "Ep 19: Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice" (1)

  1. Anthony said:

    Hi KGAWI,

    I completely agree with you guys that this was easily the worst episode of the series so far. The writing was lacking and really pushed them out of character to suit the needs of the plot. When that happens it is always a fail. You pretty much covered the details but I did want to address your comments regarding Farkle.

    I know you guys have had an issue with Farkle and the way his crush on the girls has been portrayed. I will completely agree that in this episode it was terrible, because it indulged in every complaint that you have made over the course of the show in regards to his character. But outside of this episode, I have quite enjoyed his antics. I was questioning it a bit at first, but really the core of the relationship is that they have been friends for years. Everything he has done that has been over the top has been grounded in that relationship.

    So while on the surface I understand the gender issue complaints that could be drawn from his obsession with them, I think it works for the characters. Even with the kiss and the watch, I don’t feel it has crossed a line where it is completely unacceptable. I actually hope that in the future they deal with it in an interesting way as the girls begin to date. Since they aren’t at a dating maturity yet, I feel Farkle’s crush is fairly innocent.

    Now back to the episode. Yeah, agreed that it was terrible. I did personally love the radio show they were doing. But really only because each section was so short. It was quick, hilarious with Riley’s problem speaking, and then it was out.

    And then while I found the Ava’s Mom and Topanga dynamic interesting, it was played for quick, nonexistent, laughs instead of using it to mine real comedy.

    So yeah. Just a dull episode all around. Actually made me dislike the cast, which is never a good thing. Especially because I feel the show has been fairly strong.

    Thanks for the podcast!


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