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Welcome to Kids Get Acquainted with the Internet, a podcast about Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World. In this episode Dan, Keith, and Caitlin have an in-depth discussion on Girl Meets World season 2 episode 23 entitled “Girl Meets The Forgiveness Project.” The music for this episode includes “The Heart of the Matter” by Don Henley as well as the Blues Clues “Mail Time” theme. Please send any feedback our way at gmwpodcast@gmail.com or review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening! PlayPodcast


Comments on: "Ep 2-23: Girl Meets The Forgiveness Project" (2)

  1. Couple notes on terms of belivability: My dad left when I was 3-4, he has other kids I have never met nor ever wanted to meet…additionally my mother stayed in touch with his family members in case I ever wanted to try and get in touch with him…so yeah I really really identified with Maya in this episode and none of it seemed weird or far fetched to me.

    I do really hope we get an episode where Kermit and Sean have some sort of confrontation.

    Anyway…just discovered the podcast (been listening to casts dealing with my fav episodes)…there’s a lot I think you guys miss…especially in Girl Meets Gravity so look forward to me commenting all over the place I guess?

    It is good to hear people taking this show seriously as I think its really something special.

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