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Welcome to Kids Get Acquainted with the Internet: A Girl Meets World Podcast! On this episode Dan, Keith, and Caitlin are reunited! We celebrate by revisiting the last seven episodes of season 2 so Caitlin and Keith can discuss the episodes they’ve missed. If you’d like to skip to the discussion of a certain episode, here’s a list of the episodes covered along with their time-codes:

  • Girl Meets Belief – 05:12
  • Girl Meets STEM – 17:40
  • Girl Meets Money – 28:23
  • Girl Meets Commonism – 40:57
  • Girl Meets New Years – 46:28
  • Girl Meets Bay Window – 57:11
  • Girl Meets Legacy – 01:11:43

The music for this episode includes Pomp and Circumstance and “Smoke and Fire” by Sabrina Carpenter. Please send any feedback our way at gmwpodcast@gmail.com or review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening! PlayPodcast


Comments on: "Kids Meet Marathon" (2)

  1. micky said:

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet (lol) but I want to talk about what season 3 has in store. I like Girl Meets World, I really do. I like the characters, I like fact that there’s a kids TV show that isn’t garbage, and I even like keeping up with the actors. But, in season 2, after a great start, there was a clear downfall. The plot moved nowhere – a triangle (that in my opinion is holding back the show) evolved, then was forgotten, instead of resolved, a preachy God episode was thrown in (which completely leaned towards belief as the only characters who changed their opinions were the ones who didn’t believe in God–plus don’t get me started on a teacher trying to change students views), and the characters made decisions with absolutely no motivation (why exactly was it so important for Riley to tear down the bay window at that moment??)
    These kids don’t have fun. I guess that’s my true problem. Besides some brief hanging out at Farkle’s in Money, we never see these kids just being kids. There’s always a speech, a lesson from Cory, some weird presentation where all four are giving it together. Where is the adventure in the city? Where is Cory not as a lesson-teacher-speech-giver, but a father, going to the grocery store and getting into some sort of trouble, or on a dinner date with Topanga, painting Auggie’s room a different color and screwing something up, or even interacting with other adult teachers that doesn’t have to do with the kids or teaching. And the kids, the kids need to get into more trouble. I like hearing them pour their hearts out, but not every episode. Why do they like to give so many speeches? One of my favorite scenes was the one where Riley and Lucas are hanging out, after dating didn’t work, and she’s just ranting about the Knicks. It was perfect. I want that in season 3. Not every episode should have an in your face lesson or drama. It’s funny, though, that I’m saying this, as my favorite episodes of Boy Meets World all have the drama, but I don’t know, it feels different (and not just an era difference- a storytelling difference). I actually really like Tell Tale Tot, because the adventure and getting in to trouble felt like Boy Meets World, while still teaching a lesson, and having that heartfelt moment.
    Now here’s my really, really weird complaint/hope for s3. Some people take issue with the outfits, others the bright sets, but I take issue with the staging. In Boy Meets World, in Cory’s room or something, they would talk and move around. I can remember times when Cory was just tossing a ball or Eric moving from the desk to the bed as they talked. One time, ugh I wish I remembered what episode, but Cory was sort of stressed and sat down at the kitchen table and started doodling. And also, of course, when they were outside in the yard, the characters moved around. It makes it realistic. The only “moving” in Girl Meets World is when someone walks through a door. If it’s not that, it’s sitting at a desk, standing at the lockers, sitting at the bay window, sitting at the kitchen table, sitting on the school bench. Why can’t Maya and Riley be on the couch and Riley gets up to get an apple from the fridge while they continue talking? I don’t know, maybe if the characters were physically more dynamic, the storylines could feel more dynamic and realistic.
    Ugh I know I’m being so hard on this show. I feel like its my best friend’s child, and I only want the best for it, even though there’s nothing I can do if she makes a bad decision, because it’s not mine.
    I’m worried that the writers have forgotten that not every episode has to have some sort of agenda (I hate that word agenda, because it implies I don’t like the lessons, when in truth I agree with most lessons that are taught. But it is usually some sort of topic they want to cover, and they work it in). It’s not a storyline they want to do, its a lesson they want to teach. And because it seems like this is how they approach the episodes, it feels like we get no motivation, and the plots come out of nowhere. The writers wanted to address growing up, so we got Bay Window. No context, just the story and the lesson. A fun episode, but it felt out of character, or at least out of nowhere.
    And I also feel the writers are stuck in the triangle, and are scared to get out. Will half the fans stop watching if Lucaya gets together? Rucas? I can’t even take it seriously because they’re so young, but I would like the dynamic of a couple. But they really have to choose–not leave it out in the open and not address it for months.
    Okay, I think I’m done. To summarize: more realistic episodes, less preachy, more fun hanging out teenager stuff, less triangle, more plot centered episodes rather than lesson centered episodes.


    • Love this comment. Totally feels in the spirit of what we want our podcast to be. Constructive criticism from people who want the best for the show. We’ll dive into it next time we record 🙂


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